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celMaker copies Visio custom properties, user-defined cells and actions to and from Excel.

Microsoft Office Visio shape developers often need to copy custom properties, user-defined cells, actions and connection points from one master to another.

celMaker is a developers tool that allows selected ShapeSheetâ„¢ sections to be documented, verified, enhanced and propagated from one Visio master to another, including the migration of complex formulae. Current version supports Custom Properties, User-defined cells, Actions, Connection Points and SmartTags*.

* Visio 2003 only

Key Benefits

  • External documentation of complex formulae in Microsoft Excel
  • Simple copying of custom properties, user-defined cells and actions between masters
  • Ability to modify formulae and update masters

Customer Testimonial

"I tried to use custom property sets in Visio, but was getting very frustrated as it wouldn't let me order the properties correctly or document them. celMaker from bVisual really answered my needs. I was able to save not only custom properties into Excel but also user-defined cells and actions. I was then able to check them out thoroughly; amend them, add to them and then re-apply them to the same shape or onto different shapes. I was amazed how easy it was to create a stencil of consistent Visio masters."

"celMaker saved me hours of SmartShape development time!"

Dr Neil Keron, Chief Engineer, Keron Engineering Ltd, Oil & Gas Engineering (