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Visual Risk Analyzer

The business world is changing. The level of risk faced by all businesses is increasing. If that were not enough the demands being made by statutory and regulatory bodies in relation to the monitoring and reporting on certain types of risk is adding yet another layer of complexity. And the penalties for failing to manage risk effectively are commensurately greater.

Failure to manage the resources on which a business depends – building systems, IT, administrative processes, critical skills, manufacturing skills, etc. will certainly affect business performance and customer satisfaction. Failure to comply with regulatory demands could result in business closure.

But don’t have nightmares, VRA is a simple but effective solution to the complex problem of risk management. A very easy to understand visual database identifies the factors on which the business depends, how risk is being managed and what actions are needed to reduce the risk of failure.

Whether you are the individual responsible for maintaining essential equipment or the Chairman of the Board, VRA provides you with a comprehensive view of the risks your business faces. Its clear, concise presentation makes it easy to understand at a glance, but if you need to know more, a detailed analysis of any issue can be displayed with a single click of the mouse button.

VRA utilises the power of Microsoft Visio to provide both data and graphics simultaneously. Risk models are built and stored graphically in Visio files, and reports can be created easily in Microsoft Excel, XML or HTML. The published web pages from Visio 2003 provide enhanced viewing and searching of risk models. The reviewing capabilities in Visio 2003 provide the capability for risk models to be commented upon directly. The Visio Database Wizard can be simply used to provide links to external data sources, with optional live updating of values

VRA allows users to build up a visual risk dependency model very rapidly, showing how the business depends on systems, equipment, staff, services, etc. and the risk issues associated with them.

VRA is provided as a Visio template and COM add-in, with its own toolbar, and series of enhanced dockable windows within the Visio environment to provide extra data viewing and editing features.

Key Benefits

  • A traffic light system to identify the risk status of individual dependencies and show their impact on the whole business
  • A database of critical information associated with each dependency or risk issue
  • A report facility on risk status, issues and management action plans
  • The ability to publish the model and risk data as web pages so that they can be used anywhere, anytime

Customer Testimonial

"VRA is a very powerful tool."

Murray Lawton-Dauie, founder and principal consultant with Mission:Critical. (Click here to read a case study.)