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Metro Icons

With version for Visio 2003/07/10 and Visio 2013

No installation necessary - just download and unzip into My Shapes folder

Metro Icons is a suite of 19 stencils with a total of 1,704 icons in the Windows 8 style. You can pay by PayPal by clicking the button below.
Alternatively, corporate users can email sales @ for a quotation for single or multiple users.
License for multiple copies are available in request.
Download links for both versions are included in the price.
The special offer price is just $99 US per user.
  Sample file available in these blogs:
View the Metro Icons for Visio 2013 blog article here : Click

View the Metro Icons for Visio 2003-10 blog article here :

Microsoft have unleashed a new exciting, interface paradigm on the world with Windows 8. The Microsoft Design Language (formerly referred to as the Metro UI) puts data to the forefront.

You can now add Metro style icons to your Visio diagrams with over 1,700 different vector SmartShapes split into 19 different stencils.

Each icon can be configured to have no , a square, or a circle background; and the outline and fill can be set separately for the icon or background.

List of Stencils

Click on an image of each stencil to zoom in:

Stencil Masters Image Stencil Masters Image
Application Icons 159 Banking Icons 178
Branding Identity Icons 121 Data Icons 43
Education Icons 43 Election Icons 18
Emoticon Icons 17
Food Icons 41 Gadgets Icons 47
Landmark Icons 12 Medical Icons 24
Miscellaneous Icons 284 Mobile Application Icons 128
Network and Security Icons 115 Office Icons 92
Shapes Icons 73 Shopping Icons 47
Signs Icons 31 Sports Icons 75
User Interface Icons 119 Wildlife Icons 37
Grand Total 1704

Key Benefits

  • 19 stencils - available for Visio 2003/07/10 or Visio 2013
  • 1,704 icons - vector SmartShapes can be re-sized without blurring
  • 40,896 permutations - options for backgrounds, fill and outline
  • Native Visio SmartShapes
  • No installation necessary - just unzip into My Shapes folder
  • Can be manually color filled or by theme
  • Compatible with Visio Wire Frame Diagram icons
  • Can be linked to data and colored by value
  • Can be used to make literally thousands of Visio Data Graphic icon sets

Thanks to Syncfusion for their FREE Metro Studio which can be downloaded from Syncfusion Metro Studio 2 and their permission to sell these Visio shapes which were derived from their product.

To learn how to make Data Graphic icon sets at Make Your Own Visio Data Graphic Icons Sets … automatically
To get a background tile shape go to Announcing Metro Icons and a Windows App Tile Shape for Visio