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An add-in for Visio 2013+

If you use layers in Visio, then you will want this.
Download for 32bit Visio from here
Download for 64bit Visio from here
Unzip the contents to a folder, and run the setup.exe.
Enjoy free for 30 days.

Latest version is 1.0.18 - see bottom of page for details

*Older versions should be uninstalled first

**Existing users should request a new activation code before installing this version

Layer Manager is an add-in for Visio 2013+ to provide simple application of multiple layer settings with one click.
You can pay by PayPal by clicking the button below.
Alternatively, corporate users can email sales @ for a quotation for single or multiple users.
License for multiple copies are available in request.
The add-in can be tried for 30 days prior to purchase.
The price is just $49 US dollar per user.
Purchase via PayPal
Alternatively, corporate users can email sales @ for an invoice.

Microsoft Visio has a complex layering system that can be confusing. The appearance of a Visio page can be drasitically altered by changing the visibility and printability of layers. Effective use of layers can provide multiple views of the same base visual information, reducing the need to copy shapes from one page to another, and thus eliminates mistakes.

Layer Manager makes this simple.

I have recorded 3 short videos to explain why:

Still need convincing? ... Read the help file

Here are some more screenshots of Layer Manager in action:
Layer Manager

Toggle Layer Buttons provide a visual indication of layer states and colors. ToggleLayer Buttons

Non-printable Layer Set Buttons make it easy to save and recall multiple layer settings.
LayerSet Buttons

Important: Developer Mode must be ON to see the Toggle Buttons and Layers tabs
Read the help file

Release Date Version Description
26 May 18 1.0.18 Increased speed on document open when processing existing buttons
25 May 18 1.0.16 Enhanced button images to use text font color
24 May 18 1.0.15 Added buttons to layer panel columns to enable tick/untick in one click of all layers in view. Condensed Layer Manager ribbon group