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visViewer (3rd edition)

visViewer is free for personal, non-commercial use.  If you should like the product, then we invite you to donate just $19 / copy.  This will ensure that the product is developed further, and encourage us to provide more tools to you.
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Microsoft Visio is a most useful and versatile diagramming application that has the ability to include information with every single item. Although Microsoft Visio is inexpensive, and widespread, there are, unbelievably, still some people who need to see Visio documents but do not have the actual application available.

For a while, Microsoft resisted releasing a free viewer for Visio files, believing that it would reduce the sales for Visio itself. Consequently Visio files had to be saved into another format, such as PDF or PowerPoint, or published as a web page.

Indeed, bVisual have released pptXporter for those companies that need to view Visio files in PowerPoint format, and many companies save Visio files in Adobe PDF format. Both of these methodologies are fine if only simple graphics are required. However, Visio is capable of far more than just graphics because it can integrate information in a unique and compelling manner, turning each element into treasure trove of data.

The improved web publishing features of Visio 2003/07/10 provide the ability to create integrated graphics and data by using XML (the data language of the web) combined with VML or SVG (two common graphic languages for the web), however the Visio files are not viewed in their native format, and consequently there is no ability to control the display of layers or view reviewers comments. The Visio 2003 does however provide the ability to not only see the information encapsulated with every item, but to search the information to find the elements that contain the desired information. Printing Visio documents or just copying information or graphics are still a problem in the web pages.

Visio, in common with some other graphical applications, has the ability to assign items to different layers in the picture. Any layer can be switched on or off, or a color can be assigned to a layer. These capabilities can turn a static diagram into a more fluid environment. For example, the furniture and equipment layouts in an office layout, the annotations on a process flow diagram, or the pictures in an organisational chart, can be turned on or off, changing the appearance and use of the same drawing infinitely.

Visio 2003 introduced reviewing and mark-up, providing the ability to pass Visio files around for comment. The published web pages do not display these reviewers comments at all.

Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Visio Viewer in 2002 and has updated it to provide support for Visio versions 5 through to 2007. The viewer does have layer control, reviewer’s comments and shape data (nee custom properties - the special information stored with each graphical shape). It is free, and provides the ability to use Visio files as a portable format that can be viewed by non-Visio users. Printing is tricky, because it depends on the host application, usually Microsoft Internet Explorer, and it is not possible to search the information in the same way that it is even with the published web pages.

Therefore, bVisual have written the visViewer application to add these features, and more. visViewer requires the Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010 to be installed first (it is installed with Outlook 2010 anyway), and then it provides a simple and extended interface for the Visio documents. Not only is it useful for non-Visio users who need to use the Visio files more interactively, it can be a companion for Visio users who need to view Visio files quickly, and copy some information or pictures simply.

Key Benefits

  • Stand alone application for viewing Visio files without Visio
  • Advanced search of shape data (custom properties)
  • Create lists of data from diagrams and export to other applications
  • Copy or print of any part of a diagram simply

visViewer requires the FREE Microsoft Visio Viewer 2013:
Available from