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At bVisual we focus on and deliver training based around Microsoft Visio and related technologies.

bVisual offers a range of courses for new comers to Visio as well as advanced users. Current Visio users interested in automating Visio to produce customized solutions can take advantage of our advanced automation and ShapeSheetâ„¢ courses.

We have a highly successful track record of training all aspects of Visio to a wide variety of Visio users.

bVisual aim to:

  • Propagate good practice throughout the Visio user community
  • Improve and individual's skills and implementation of Visio
  • Impart bVisual's experience as Visio based solution providers

bVisual Training has developed a very flexible system of course content, ensuring every client achieves his\her goals in each and every training course.

Content can be developed in three ways:


Modular course allow the client to create a course by choosing from a pool of pre-defined course modules. Modules cover all Visio functionality across a wide variety of market sectors. This allows for a cost effective and flexible training solution.


Bespoke courses allow the client total freedom over the type of course required. Courses can be held on-site or remotely.

Support Promise

bVisual takes it's support role very seriously. It is part of our philosophy and policy to offer all training clients 14 days free support with every course. This ensures that the training is not complete until you have actually applied your new found skills in the workplace environment.

For larger clients we can supply on-line web based support across the companies desktops

Key Benefits

  • Jump start
  • Good practice
  • Shortcuts