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bVisual ltd have won an award for Commitment to Visio Based Development – UK!

Innovator Award 2015

Congratulations, David Parker You have been selected as a winner in the 2015 Technology Innovator Awards!

In addition to shaping our everyday lives, technology has, in recent years, propelled the business world to never before seen heights of efficiency and connectivity. What seemed unimaginable just a few decades ago is now commonplace in virtually every office throughout the world and new and exciting advances continue to give firms and their people ever more effective platforms from which to develop and sustain their success.

The 2015 Technology Innovator Awards highlight the pioneering work of the teams and individuals behind these ground-breaking developments, and through our rigorous and painstaking awards process, we endeavour to ensure that we shine the spotlight only on those who, through their commitment, experience and willingness to explore and take advantage of the opportunities presented, are developing and sharing the technology that will continue to enhance and fundamentally alter the business world for the better for many years to come.

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