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cData is a collection of five extra windows with data capability for Visio.

cData adds the ability to search, view and edit SmartShape™ custom properties simply, and releases the power of visualizing business data with Visio.

Key Benefits

  • Search for information in specific properties (FindData)
  • View more than a single line of text (TextData)
  • View associated images (ImageData)
  • Link to specific ASP Web pages using a custom property (WebData)
  • See the values of specific properties on multiple shapes at the same time (GridData)

Solution Highlights

  • Enhances Visio 2003 custom properties and data cells
  • Accesses all 64k characters in a custom property or data cell
  • Views the custom properties of multiple shapes at the same time
  • Specifies properties on interest for viewing or editing
  • Imports text files into custom properties
  • Exports custom properties to text files and Excel 2003
  • Links image pages to any custom property
  • Views associated images without increasing the file size
  • Adds viewed images to the diagram easily
  • Supports ASP and JSP pages with query strings from custom properties or user-defined cells
  • Reviews linked Microsoft Office System documents in a Visio 2003 window
  • Finds values in specific custom properties
  • Creates selections by custom property values
  • Lists and selects instances of documents masters
  • Lists and deletes unused document masters

Customer Testimonial

"I find cData a very unique tool. It impresses me on how easily I can add virtually anything to a Shape or the Drawing itself: Being a text comment, a picture, or even an entire Web page! The added information shows in different windows and serves as the visual presentations of the data behind the scene. cData is a good tool for both collecting the data and presenting the results. It’s definitely helpful for sales, business presentation, project management, and other important activities.

I believe that the designer of cData has put a lot of thoughts to make this powerful tool really easy to use. A toolbar is added to my drawing automatically. It’s very intuitive to add, edit, search, and present my data. I can even choose different ways to best present my pictures. Highly recommended!"

Haibo Peng, President, SoftApproach Corp. (