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visNet Explorer - rapid generation of logical network maps - directly from Centennial repository

30th July 2004

bVisual ltd and CTMS Limited today announced the launch of visNet Explorer. visNet Explorer extends Centennial Discovery™ allowing rapid generation of logical network maps straight from the Centennial database.

Logical network maps are easily created by a single click or by dragging and dropping from the visNet Explorer window onto the Visio page.

Tracing through your network has never been easier… add a switch onto your map and instantly see all ports and devices attached to it! The devices entered onto your map already have their information populated from the live Centennial database and include a hyperlink to that asset in the Web Edition.

Colour-coded diagrams are effortlessly created based on criteria that you decide, the possibilities are endless! For example – why not colour-code your map based on the last audit date of your equipment!

bVisual ltd and CTMS Limited have entered into a strategic alliance to provide network visualisation tools to provide for management and help desks.