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bVisual reach final 10 in Microsoft Tablet PC Challenge

16th June 2004

bVisual ltd have reached the final 10 of the Microsoft UK Tablet PC Challenge for ISVs!

There are many reasons why you may want to plot data geographically. For example, market data research for location of house types by agents; the sightings of wildlife and flora; or crime scenes for a variety of offences. Using pinXplorer, you can precisely plot pins on maps and annotate them easily. In addition, you can import\export locations, lat\lons, and OS Grid References from\to Excel.

  • MapPoint provides excellent geographical data mapping, except it lacks drag’n’drop of push pins from pre-defined data sets
  • MapPoint provides good export options to Excel, except it does not export latitude\longitude and OS grid references …
  • pinXplorer provides this and more!
  • It is targeted at organisations that need to plot, spot and analyse data in specific location
  • Designed for plotting sightings of different types of deer over several days
  • Equally applicable to gathering market data information or analysing crime incidents

In addition, bVisual had another application, Visual Risk Analyser, short listed.

See VRA for more information.