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cData - extra data windows for Microsoft Visio Launched

13th October 2003

bVisual ltd today announced the launch of cData. cData is a collection of five extra windows for Microsoft Office Visio which enable users to unleash the power of data in Microsoft Visio SmartShapes™.

The five windows (FindData; GridData; ImageData; TextData and WebData) add the ability to search, view and edit SmartShape™ custom properties simply, and releases the power of visualizing business data with Visio.

In particular, cData allows the Visio user to search for information in specific properties (FindData); view more than a single line of text (TextData); view associated images (ImageData); link to specific ASP Web pages using a custom property (WebData); see the values of specific properties on multiple shapes at the same time (GridData).

The cData windows can be used by individuals who need to access the power of Microsoft Office Visio SmartShapes, or by developers who want to add the features to their own applications.

bVisual cData