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Case Studies

The centre of excellence for MS Visio-based services in Europe, bVisual has over 5 years experience of linking Visio to data for many blue-chip companies, and provide desktop or web-based solutions, consultancy or training on most business uses of Visio.

The following case studies demonstrate how bVisual can help businesses improve their productivity.

Be smart, be clear, be visual!

Visio Online Business Process Mapping

What do you do when you your organisation is undergoing a digital transformation by migrating all your IT systems into Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online, and you have a legacy process mapping application that is contains vital business information but is incompatible going forward?

Nexans Cabling Solutions

bVisual have been creating a Visio template with scores of SmartShapes of network equipment for Nexans Cabling Solutions for many years.

Chase Manhattan Bank

bVisual provided Chase Manhattan Bank with dealer room floor layouts linked to their enterprise database. They also provided automatic creation of desktop equipment layouts in Visio. The case study was written in 1999, when bVisual were known as Visimation (UK) Ltd.

CNEE Projects, WorldCom

bVisual’s work at WorldCom during 2001 involved 3 phases:

  • Prototype the integration of Visio with data, and create network diagrams automatically, and export to PowerPoint.
  • Provide Visio template and custom shapes for use by engineers on Non Standard projects
  • Enable Standard Projects pre-sales to demand network diagrams across the internet, after submitting proposal details. These were created in Visio automatically, and exported to HTML.


VRA (Visual Risk Analyser) is helping Prudential to change the way that Facilities Management see their task. They are beginning to think about the broader business objectives, rather than simply their own, rather narrower property objectives. The positive benefits to the business in such a change of attitudes leads to a better working relationships and a more proactive approach to dealing with building problems. Facilities Management become fully engaged in meeting business objectives.

Directorate of Land Warfare, Ministry of Defence

bVisual have created a divisional level war game for the Ministry of Defence, called Minerva, complimenting existing large-scale games, because it is designed to be easy, cheap and quick to play, It is based around Visio with supporting functionality in VB forms. Players are presented with a map showing their forces and enemy detection zones, as custom Visio shapes within a Visio page. Features such as terrain, weather and NBC affected areas are also displayed.